Take a breath

Feel your body come alive as you fill it with air. Now take another one as you focus on my touch.

What can you feel?

Is it nice, or unpleasant?
Is this a boundary, or a green light?

This is what sex coaching is all about.

I am Sinsia – the queer sex coach – and I am here to support you in creating the sex life of your choice and to help you discover all aspects of your sexuality.

Somatic sex coaching

By using body-focused exercises, we allow your body to direct us


Client led

You are the expert on your own body, so sessions are always a co-creation



I am a queer sex coach and have extensive experience and joy in working with lgbtqia+ people



I am trained to notice and handle trauma responses


Sex coaching

With your body as our guide, we will explore desires, boundaries, and pleasure and what they actually feel like in your body.

What do you notice in your body when something truly wonderful happens? Or when you go along with something that is not that great?

Together we will build a practice that helps you notice, value and communicate your desires and boundaries, so you can start making empowered choices about your (sex) life. Even if you discover that sex is not your cup of tea, I can help you find pleasure with non-sexual intimacy coaching.


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coaching can do for you

Work with me

if you want to:


  • explore budding curiosities around your sexuality;
  • feel more connected to your body;
  • experience more pleasure;
  • explore what ‘pleasure’ means to you;
  • (re)connect to pleasure after surgery and/or trauma;
  • explore scar tissue remediation;
  • be more present in your sexuality;
  • have more control over if, when, and how you orgasm;
  • prioritise your desires over what you think you ‘should’ want;
  • learn to notice, value and communicate your boundaries as they come up;
  • create a (sex) life centred around what actually feels good, instead of chasing a goal.

Hi! I am Sinsia,


and I simply love bodies and all they can tell us.

I am endlessly curious about what brings us pleasure. What makes us feel safe enough to enjoy our body? What do desires actually feel like? And how can we notice and honour our boundaries?

On my journey to becoming a queer sex coach I have done everything from escorting, to tantra massage, to BDSM and conscious kink. In 2017 I was named ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ and received a Sexual Freedom Award. This wide variety of experiences enriches and informs my capacities as a coach.

I identify as a queer, kinky, sex-positive, and polyamorous person and use they and she pronouns. Most of my clients have a lgbtqia+ background too.


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Kind words

Kind words


“Sessions with Sinsia have helped me love my body more than I could have hoped for. She’s brought my body and mind much closer together. Sinsia is a joy to work with; without her guidance I don’t know where I would be right now. I highly recommend working with Sinsia because she genuinely cares and wants the best for you. I’m eagerly looking forward to future sessions with her.”



“I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life. I have never been so true to myself in a woman’s company. It helped me grow and change. I have never experienced such a relaxed and deep sense of embodiment and presence. I have come to know myself in a different light. Discovered myself. I want to deeply thank you for that.”


“A breath of fresh air during lockdown. An open mind, a kind heart, and a friendly ear. A welcome treat every session. Thank you, Sinsia”