Online Courses

Do you want to start working with your sexuality, but not in 1-on-1 coaching? Then an online course might be perfect for you. You work at your own pace and from your own home, repeating the lessons as often as you like.

Feeling more Pleasure - The Home Practice Starter Kit

“I want to be more connected to my body and my pleasure, but I am not sure where to start.” Does this thought sound familiar to you? Then this course might just be perfect for you.

During the seven weeks of this programme, you will get up to speed with some of the fundamentals of experiencing pleasure.

It will cover:

  • building a safe(r) relationship with your body;
  • bringing consciousness to touch;
  • getting into the habit of noticing, honouring and communicating your desires and boundaries;
  • investigating your current pleasure habits;
  • exploring new ways of experiencing pleasure;
  • integrating those into your life.

The goal is for you to gain insight into your patterns around pleasure, create space for choice and give you tools to start experiencing pleasure in a more embodied way.

All you need to bring is a commitment to creating space for pleasure in your life. Whatever pleasure means to YOU.

You can start the course at any time, and repeat the different lessons as often as you like.

There are no live classes, but there is an option to add 1-on-1 coaching. Get in touch if that is something you would like.