Somatic sex coaching

Feeling what you want in each moment is not easy. Communicating it to another person is a whole different story yet. We are often hindered by what we think we ‘should’ want, what we think the other(s) want(s), by our tendency to follow orgasm rather than what actually feels good, the fear of crossing our own boundaries, or by just not knowing how to be present in our bodies.

What if you would slow down, and closely listen to your body? What if you could really feel the sensations of touch, and notice when a slight change would make it even better? This is what somatic sex coaching is all about.

Somatic sex coaching

My approach


My approach to somatic sex coaching focusses on giving you a more embodied sense of what pleasure, boundaries, and choice actually feel like in your body. We use simple exercises to explore what you need in order to notice and value what is true for you in each moment.

For many queer people, there is an extra layer of complexity to sexuality and embodiment. Many of us have been told that our sexuality and/or body is wrong, that we have to act or be different in order to fit in. For some, the body is a source of discomfort or despair. Bodywork is a beautiful gateway to start inhabiting your body. If you feel uncertain whether or not this approach would work for you, please reach out to discuss your situation and concerns.

Together we’ll build a practice that supports you in making empowered choices about your (sex) life.

How does it work?

Hybrid coaching

The core of our work will be online. But for those who would like to meet in person, there is the hybrid coaching package.

We will discuss the exact rhythm to best serve your needs, but each package includes one in person session.

These sessions take place in my work space in the centre of Utrecht and are 90 minutes each.

If you have accessibility needs, please let me know so we can accommodate those.

Parking space is available, but needs a reservation.



One beautiful nugget Covid-19 has brought me is the joy of working online. I have found that somatic exercises and techniques translate surprisingly well to an online setting.

An added bonus is that you will be working in the comfort of your own space, and you won’t have to travel. Plus: you can work with me no matter where you live!

Online somatic sex coaching sessions usually involve video chat, but do let me know if a different channel is better for you. Working over the phone is no problem, for example.

Planning & Rates

To first get to know each other, I invite you to book a free 20 minute call. We will discuss your situation, needs and expectations, as well as what I have to offer.


Once we both feel that we are well matched, I will send you an intake form, and we will plan a 90 minute intake session. During this session we will discuss your intentions, desires, needs and possible ways forward. I will ask a lot of questions, to make sure we are on the same page.


From there, I work with packages of three (90 minute) sessions. It is my recommendation to have a session every other week. This ensures continuity, but also leaves enough time for you to practice at home. Every third session we will include time for evaluation and discussing next steps.

Couples, throuples & groups

The prices here are for one person. For every extra person, add 100 euros to the package price. Want to work with a big group (6+)? Get in touch to discuss options.

Sliding scale

Standard:  for those in a stable financial situation
Support: for those in an abundant financial situation (you help to make budget places available, thank you!)
Budget: for those who earn less than €1350,- a month (limited availability, please get in touch).

Hybrid – First timer

Intake + three sessions
One session is in person, three are online. 

Standard: €590,-
Support: €690,-
Budget: €490,-

Hybrid – Top up

Three sessions
One session is in person, two are online

Standard: €475,-
Support: €575,- 
Budget: €375,-

Online – First timer

Intake + three sessions

Standard: €490,-
Support: €590,-
Budget: €390,-

Online – Top up

Three sessions

Standard: €375,-
Support: €475,- 
Budget: €275,-