Workshops are a great way to gain more skill and experience in a wide range of topics in a group setting. Feeling and asking for what you want, trying out new and exciting things, or experimenting with saying ‘no’ to name a few. See below for upcoming events.

Kinky Consent: Empower Your Play

Amsterdam – June 8&9 – Get tickets here

Are you a dom, sub, both, neither? In this weekend workshop, you’ll get to explore taking power and surrendering in an approachable, playful, and deliciously sexy way. 

Whether you’re new to the world of kink, or an experienced player, kink can be a powerful gateway to pleasure, surrender, deep intimacy, and healing. Perhaps you’re looking to explore new kinky territory, or you want to deepen your practice and build a stronger foundation of trust with your partner to enable you to access new depths.

What enables all of this kinky goodness? A firm rooting in safety and trust, built on a foundation of consent. 

However, having a good consent conversation often assumes you already know what you want and where your limits are. But what about when you’re unsure?

Kinky Consent is a weekend to explore your desires in an embodied way. We use The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin as a framework to practice feeling your desire as it arises in your body. How do you tell the difference between a desire, a longing, curiosity, and willingness? Can you identify how it feels to want something? Or to encounter a limit?

In this weekend you’ll explore embodiment practices to deepen your connection with your sensations, your emotions, and your desires. You’ll learn how to get out of your mind – and all of the mind games that tell you what you should or shouldn’t want – and into the truth of your body, which holds our deepest desires and longings and knows our edges and limits.

You’ll practice communicating your desires, limits and boundaries with others, noticing what arises in you when you give and receive Yes’s and No’s. You’ll be supported to break free of unconscious patterns of people pleasing or subtly overstepping your and/or other’s boundaries. 

You’ll practice crafting and playing kink scenes, exploring themes such as:

  • Sensation play
  • Power dynamics/power exchange
  • Ropes and light bondage
  • Impact play

This workshop is not a technical training in the techniques of various kink practices. Rather, you’ll explore how to build a strong container for kink play, so you can experience the freedom and connection that come from deep attunement to one another.

This workshop will help you say No to things you don’t want, so that you can say a FULL YES to the things you do really want – that will bring you pleasure, joy, connection, and satisfaction. By cultivating your connection with our embodied Yes, No, and Maybe, you make it easier to get to a F*ck Yes! and discover the mind-blowing kink scene you’ve been dreaming of.

This event is for you if…

  • You’re new to kink and want to begin exploring with safety and a deep respect for your limits
  • You’re experienced with kink and want to take your practices to new depths by creating stronger safety with and attunement to your partner(s)
  • You want to become more skillful at having difficult conversations around desires, limits and boundaries
  • You want to explore how to have more heartful kinky scenes, imbuing your play with love while stoking the s*xy fire of your kinky connection
  • You want to avoid common shadow dynamics in kink such as unconscious people pleasing and unintentionally bypassing your or another’s boundaries
  • You want to connect with an embodied sense of your desires and limits
  • You want to have more fulfilling, pleasurable and satisfying kinky encounters, grounded in embodied consent
  • You want to develop better communication skills around your desires and limits, in your kink/erotic lives and in other areas of your life

What Will We Explore in this Workshop?

  • Connecting with your inner, embodied sense of what you want and don’t want in a kink scene – how it feels to be a Yes, No, or Maybe
  • Different ways of expressing your desires, limits, and boundaries
  • Ways to give and receive Yes’es and No’s
  • Feeling your authentic desire – what do you really want, and where does your mind pull you out of your embodied desire?
  • You will get to design and play out mini-scenes based on kinky themes such as sensation play, power dynamics/power exchange, ropes and light bondage, and impact play

Our exercises are containers for you to explore kinky themes based on your authentic desires. We’ll set the parameters and you get to design a scene with your partner based on those themes.

  • There may be practices where you may choose to take off clothes. Nudity is never required.
  • There may be practices where you get to touch and be touched by your exercise partner(s). All touch in this workshop is optional, and grounded in all participant’s consent.

What Will We Not Explore in This Workshop?

  • This workshop is not a training on various kink techniques (ie shibari tying, heavy impact play, etc)
  • Rather we focus on the energetics of dominance and submission, so you can feel the sense of freedom and connection that arise from a solid foundation of embodied consent.

What are the benefits of building Embodied Kinky Consent skills?

  • Deeper trust in oneself and in one’s partner(s)
  • More pleasure and erotic satisfaction by being able to ask for the things you really want
  • Feeling more agency in your kinky and s*xual interactions. Rather than simply going along with something you don’t love, being able to negotiate desires back to a Win-Win for both (or all) partners
  • More confidence in your erotic and other relationships
  • Greater sense of ease when connecting with new and old partners

Who is this for?

  • This workshop is particularly welcoming toward queer / LGBTQIA+ folks who fall anywhere under the umbrella of queerness. We welcome all genders, ages, bodies, and orientations. Both teachers identify as queer, and have extensive experience in working with queer people.
  • All levels of kink experience: we invite anyone to come with a beginner’s mind: what can you learn about yourself and where can you become more skillful?
  • You can come to the workshop with your play partner(s) or as an individual


When: June 8-9th, 10.30 – 18.30 both days. 

This weekend is not residential. If you’re not from Amsterdam, there are numerous hotels and hostels in the area around the venue.

Where: Amsterdam North (address on registration)

How much: 250 euros. Limited concessions available, get in touch to discuss.

Get tickets here

What Previous Participants Are Saying:

  • “Sinsia and Jason provide simple yet really effective exercises which help me navigate my own boundaries. It is so helpful to reflect on what I want and what I am willing to and how that feels in my body. Sinsia and Jason are very supportive and they create a space where I could safely explore together with others.” 
  • “Jason and Sinsia work really well together! They created a safe space quite quickly, and I felt there was space for a lot of different things and experiences to happen. We got to practice feeling our desires and our limits – for example by choosing to participate in practices or not. But they also encouraged us to try out something new or exciting.”


About Sinsia & Jason

Sinsia is a somatic sex coach who supports (mostly) queer people in creating the sex life of their choice. They specialise in shifting the focus from analysing to feeling, helping clients to integrate mind and body. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which means they are trained to be body oriented, trauma informed and client led. They trained with Betty Martin at the School of Consent.

Sinsia worked as an escort specialising in kink for over six years before starting her coaching practice, an experience that informs and enriches their current work. She identifies as a queer, polyamorous, and kinky gender explorer and uses they and she pronouns (as demonstrated in this text :).
Instagram: @Sinsia.TheQueerSexCoach

Jason King is a Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sex educator. He identifies as a gay and queer man. He is passionate about helping people expand their sense of what’s possible in their sex lives. Jason works with individuals and groups to manifest powerfully healing embodied experiences, build community, and embrace our erotic oneness. Learn more about Jason at

Instagram: @embodied_eros